Grip stippling is available on any polymer frame pistol, rifle or shotgun. Wheaton Arms offers two stippling patterns; TreeBark & SandPaper. Each finish is available in Coarse, Medium & fine to fit the needs of the individual user.

Stippling options:

Single or Double undercut triggerguard (allows for a higher grip on the pistol for more muzzle control during rapid fire)

Index Points right and left side

Comet cut relief around magazine release

Strip cuts on the bottom of the grip to allow access to stuck magazines

TreeBark Stippling

treebark grip

SandPaper Stippling

sandpaper stippling

Single Undercut Triggerguard

single undercut

Double Undercut Triggerguard

double undercut

TreeBark Index Points

treebark index point

SandPaper Index Points

sandpaper index point

Comet Cut Relief


Strip Cuts For Stuck Magazine Removal

rip cut 2